Off again

AMguy #1 pinged me two nights ago and asked me to meet him at a big sports bar near Fenway Park in Boston tonight.  We spent all day yesterday working out the details.  I was soooo excited!  I fantasized about walking up to him in the upstairs bar and throwing caution to the winds and kissing him right there!  Feeling his arms around me… his lips, his tongue… a bulge…mmmm… Hussy! 
He emailed me at 2 pm today to say something had come up with his daughter – an extra rehearsal for the school play.  Hmmm… I was disappointed but stuff happens.  Hope it is true and not some game.  He said he will re-schedule soon.  *sigh

Will I ever meet this guy?  And if it’s like this at the start… what am I getting myself into?

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