Hump day

Wednesday, October 10, 2012
8:13 am
Good morning! Hope you have a wicked good Wednesday!
8:13 am Phil
Enjoy hump day! Ready for the weekend already!
8:15 am
Yes! These short Weeks are rough. Mostly ready to bend over your desk…
8:17 am Phil
8:21 am
Oh sure, laugh at a sex-starved woman, pining for your hands on her hips and your cock elsewhere!
8:25 am
In other news, you should come visit me.  Go out for milk and disappear to see me? Have a great day and try not to behave!
8:37 am Phil
You too although you are not starting out so well. 
 8:38 am
Make it better for me… You know how. ;p
11:19 pm Phil
How bout them Yankees!

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