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Final Advice from Ryan Beaumont, a wonderful blogger well-versed in the ways of Ashley Madison: 

*   Do it! – You gotta do it now or it will eat at you for not doing it.  It will probably fail but you’ll either be more satisfied with what you have or emboldened to do something else.

*   Have fun, but not at someone else’s expense (of course I know you know that)

*   Be safe.  And don’t screw on first date.  I never hire someone on the day they apply.  At the very least I won’t make sure they are organized enough to come back for an interview.  Often I make them come back multiple times just to assess their tenacity and eagerness.

*   Blog about it but tell me first!   🙂

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    1. Oops! But you have all your clothes on! Ah well, I’m sure you can trust all twelve of my readers not to share it. Remember – never trust a Scottish woman when sex is on the line. Wait… that’s not quite right. But you know what I mean!

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