A Different Game

Just when I had started to forget my first contact, AM #1, of course he reappeared!  He wrote another charming message, saying he’d been run ragged at work unexpectedly, so sorry, he still thought I was the best gal in all of AM… so I swooned for a second time!  

So I have a lunch with The Lawyer tomorrow.  Drinks with Dancing Man Friday.  And AM #1 back in the mix.  And the Professor writing every day.  My head is spinning!   

I spent quite a while trying to figure out which man I would choose.  Imagine… me… talking to four men and being able to choose one!   I had never done that in my life!  How was I supposed to do it?  

  • The urbane cautious Ivy-educated lawyer like the men I’d worked, but better? 
  • The charming, flaky AM #1 – the first guy to recognize my potential?
  • The uber-sexy gray fox who sent me a naked photo and wants to fuck like a rabbit?  
  • The staid slow-but-sure turtle of a Professor?  

I like them all!  Arrrgh!  

Then I realized… this is NOT “The Dating Game.”  I don’t have to choose!  I can have lunch and drinks and whatever, and choose or not choose some other day!!! Wow!  There’s no guarantee that any or all of them will want to see me again, so it’s good to have a back-up plan.  Or two.  Or three!  Hee hee.  Wow.  This is not about marriage, children, being seen in public… just sex and fun!   This online dating game is a whole new world!  

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3 thoughts on “A Different Game”

  1. I’m having so much fun reading about your AM experiences! This is very close to my experience with it, as well. I compare it to having your own little secret box of chocolates that no one knows about. Sweet, decadent, fun, lots of variety and nobody knows about it, but you.

  2. Ah yes in the immortal words of Rolly Polly Olly: “it’s a totally chocolate dinner; cakes, and cookies, and cream. It’s a totally chocolate dinner; eating it is so sweet!”

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