Staying put

Thursday, September 20, 2012
8:24 am
Good morning! Have a great Thursday!
8:30 am Phil
Good morning! You too. off to take my license test. Need a local drivers license. More bigwigs today. Yippee!
8:32 am
Hunh…license when you’re just about to move? Wow those bigwigs!
8:56 am Phil
Just got orders to stay another year. Going to work for the Bigwigs. I’m not disappointed with that at all.  Bigwigs coming out of my ears. Been unreal!
9:04 am
Yay for staying! Do you have to switch houses?
9:33 am Phil
Nope! I love the house, we can work close by, I’m thrilled!
9:35 am
Your wife got a job?
9:50 am
Oh, that is fabulous! How’s the kid?
10:01 am Phil
Great – new girlfriend, new job.  
10:17 am Phil
Wow! Now if your football team can get it together you’ll be great all around!
10:18 am Phil
Yeah, no shit. They sucked last week!

1:46 pm
Boss took us out for lunch today to a fancy hotel restaurant.

 Swordfish w/ local veggies, Henrietta’s Table, Charles Hotel
 Low fat custard with fresh berries, Henrietta’s Table, Charles Hotel
6:17 pm 
Trying out the new Vietnamese place
Pork bao @ DooWee & Rice
12:06 am
Happy birthday kid! It’s your day in my time zone… Hope you have a delightful day in yours!

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