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Q. Could it be so easy to find a nice guy?  Would the very first guy who contacted me be the one? 
A. No.  I was an idiot.  After I told him I couldn’t meet Friday, he stopped writing mid-day Wednesday.

On Thursday when he still had not written, I fell apart.  I know… it’s silly.  But he seemed so fun and interested and I need that so badly.  

Our boss took us out to a fancy hotel restaurant for a celebration lunch for a successful conference, and I sat there watching well-dressed couples… you know the thing… how can they be together and I am good person and I am so alone?  Ugh.  I had to go to the bathroom and cry.  I had heard that men write to a lot of women and just go silent when they find someone they like better.  *sigh
I wrote a thinly disguised “Good bye and good luck” message Thursday evening and didn’t get an answer and gave up.  I was very close to closing my account.  Who needs this new roller coaster?

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4 thoughts on “More AM #1”

  1. Darn it! I did as instructed and read these posts in order. Now I am as discouraged as you! Geez……I vaguely remember that roller coaster. Schedules make things difficult but not impossible. Perspective is crucial. Hugs to you.

  2. I remember being so excited about first contact on AM too. I think we corresponded for 3 mths and he vanished. He was also a fun , handsome sexy guy. Even today if he crooked his lil finger at me, I would come running.

  3. All I can suggest is don’t get discouraged. In the 4 years I’ve been playing the AM game, I’ve encountered all sorts of disappointment and rejection. But in that same 4 year span, I’ve also met some wonderful women, many of which I slept with more than once and still to this day remain friends (and more!) with each and every one of them. The sex has been fantastic and the friendships even better!! Don’t give up yet!!!

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