Thelonius Monkfish

Friday, September 7, 2012
7:46 am Phil
Why thank you  🙂
Have a great Friday!
2:39 pm
Hiya! to medical for my leg, scared me – might be clots, to hospital for ultrasound. Ick! No clots.  Phew. If I’m gonna get poked w/a gooey wand, I want it to be yours!
3:42 pm
Late lunch at a funky new Asian fusion place – Thelonius Monkfish!  I tried bacon pad thai – kinda strange!  Yes, the musak is jazz.  🙂

Shrimp tempura, sweet potato bacon croquettes, and chicken karaage
 Shrimp tempura maki and tamago (omelette) nigiri sushi
 Salmon skin maki and tamago (omelette) nigiri sushi
12:27 am Phil
LMAO  Glad to hear!
12:37 am
You got me through another test… memories are the best distraction!
Sleep time for me. Sweet dreams, dear man.
12:57 am Phil
Night girl, dream of gooey wands 🙂

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