FFF Wager

Here’s this week’s Flash Fiction Friday challenge from Advizor54’s blog.  Click over there to see what he and a bunch of other bloggers saw in this photo.  My take is below!  Join in!  It’s easy and fun.  

Word Count = 275             
Required Word = Wager            
Forbidden Words = Porn, Panties, Camera
Bonus Words = Tell us where to the pictures end up a year later (+43 words)

Extra Credit = Add a picture of your own.


We were having dinner – our first date.  After talking online for a month, sharing stories and naughty photos, late one evening he declared he was ready to meet.  Was I?  I was!  We sat at my favorite bar, waiting for a table.  He ran his finger around the rim of his glass, and I wondered what it would feel like on my nipple… inside me… mmm. 

“So… those hot photos you sent?  Who took those?” He asked casually, but he was fishing for info about other men in my past.  

“You remember that sexy blog I sent you to read?  With the motorcycles?”  

“Oh yes…” he sighed, leering at me.  

“Well… I chatted with that blogger.  Nice man.  Not flirting, not sexy, just talking.  One night I complained that I didn’t have any good sexy photos to send to nice men.  I can’t get the angle I want while holding a phone or make that little timer thingy work and…he offered to take photos for me.  As a friend, you know.  I kidded him about whether he could take them without touching me… you know… that way,” I explained. 

“So he met you and took the photos?” he asked. 

“Yes, he did,” I confirmed.  “He had a hotel date and when he was done, he called me to stop in.  I was really happy with how they turned out.”

“They were incredibly sensual,” he sighed and squirmed in his seat.  “I wager he couldn’t take them without touching. You had the most amazing ‘just fucked” look in so many of them,” he fished some more. 

“He is very talented…” I answered cryptically.  He stared, wondering.

“What will you do with them when we’re a couple and you don’t need to send them to men anymore,” he asked, way ahead of himself. 

“Maybe I’ll share them in my blog a year from now,” I chuckled.  He smiled. 

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