Sunday, July 22, 2012
Hiya kid!  How was Pride?  Hoping your Sunday is a fun day!
11:32am Phil
It was a hoot. Never seen assless chaps before. Saw lots of them yesterday.
Heading to out for Sunday Pie and coffee
Heh… yeah the costumes at Pride are always fascinating! 
Oooh, pie!  That place looks fun.
Send me a pecan and a raspberry apple.    
2:15 pm Phil
Pie. yum!
2:25pm Phil
I had two different slices. Fabulous!
Ooh! Drool! 
I would have stolen a bite of each..
3:01pm Phil
Gonna take an entire pie back down to share. Was delicious.
Oh how I wish you could hand one to me! 
3:33 pm
And those prices are amazing!
I just checked our local pie place, and they want $22-25 for a 10 inch fruit pie!
3:39 pm Phil
I love it here! Got my pie.
Back down the mountain and into the gym for me. Well worth it
12:48 pm
You sound so up! It’s fun to read.
Sweet dreams, kid

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