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Hope you had a grand 4th of July, whether it was a national holiday or a nice Thursday where you were!  What better way to celebrate the birthday of this great nation than by freely speaking about sex?!

Here’s the Flash Fiction Friday challenge from Advizor54’s blog.

Key Word – Independence or Independence Day
Word Limit – 237 [I see what you did here, Ad]
Forbidden Word – Fireworks
Extra Credit – Put the action on July 5th 

Click over there to see his take on this photo and links to other bloggers takes.  Here’s what I wrote on a hot summer evening.


I remember the exact moment… a few minutes after sunrise on July 5th.  My independence day! 
I always wanted to BE married.  But I did NOT want to GET married.  I hated every aspect of it – the huge expense, months of planning, everyone telling me how it should be, the whole “girls over there, guys over here,” silly clothes… I hate dresses and I don’t look good in white!  And I hate having my picture taken.  When the photographer gave me a list of the 205 photos to be taken that day, I nearly ran for the hills.  
We made the ceremony our own – no tuxes or bridesmaids dresses.  We wrote our vows – real promises.  We had wonderful music.  No garter.  No bouquet tossing – my flowers went to the couple married the longest!  We had 150 people for under $5k! 
We had a wonderful after-party, watching the fireworks as we opened presents and talked with guests who had come from far away, then drove off to a friend’s cabin in the woods.  

We arrived at sunrise.  My husband (how odd to say those words!) and I wandered into a stream in our wedding clothes to take silly “wreck the dress” photos to close out the wedding album with a bang.  Then we hung them in the tree and took some really great photos!  Those won’t be in the album.  I liked taking those!  

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8 thoughts on “FFF Independence”

  1. hurrah! I think you win as having one of the only HAPPY wedding story of the lot! Good on ya 🙂 I was never a wedding person either; Justice of the Peace was good enough for me. $50 and I’m just as married.

  2. That was a real giggle. 🙂 Great way to do it too. And, I’m with Elaina… only our cost was $0. and feel just as married. 🙂

    Oh, and the idea of “ruin the dress”… I’ve seen a photo shoot with men, pinstripe suite and cigars in a lake. 🙂 Thought of it when I read your story.

  3. We spent £6000 ($10000) on our wedding for 100 people in a National Park. I hate big ceremonies too but it’s not really for the groom, it’s for the bride and the bride’s family. 🙂

  4. Sounds just about like my own wedding…and my own take on weddings. It’s about the bride and groom…not the planning. (Though I have to admit…careful planning is how I managed to save so much money!)

  5. I’ll agree that is’ nice to have a happy story in the mix. FFF-ers can be a deppressing lot. I loved the idea of the wedding adn the cabin in the woods. As for my wedding, my wife, the great negotiator, kept it all under $8,000 by pulling strings with all of the catering vendors she knew. it was the best party for 200 ever.

    GREAT entry for FFF! as usual.

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