Thursday, July 5, 2012
[he posted photos of trip to the beach and fishing]
Look at you!  All wet!  Heee….  Hope you’re having fun! 
I’m home getting into trouble on the internet.
You have such a gorgeous smile!  
Have a grand time on the water!
Ooh…. TOES!  You really are not playing fair! 
Damn – rubbed those feet! then ate lobster at Evelynn’s Drive-In and… 
had your cock down my throat!  mmmmm… 
May the fish hop into the boat!
1:36pm Phil
liked all of the above
Amazing what one photo of toes takes my brain off to… yum.

6:44 pm
Had the most amazing seafood risotto at Orleans tonight!  Look at the lobster!

9:02 pm
Did you catch anything?
11:19pm Phil
nah but had a blast
1:29am Phil

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