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Friday, June 29, 2012
8:24 am
Hiya handsome. Sooo sorry I happened to get to bed early last night! Hope it… Ahem… came out well. Happy Friday!

8:30 am Phil
No worries. You are almost always up. Came out just fine.
Hope you have a fabulous day!
9:49 am
Another quiet day at work. Anything I can help you with?
Yay sandwich guy! 
Crap!  No more sandwiches… Sigh. Looking good, Philip.
[in response to farewell photo of the threesome guy]
Man, I want to unbuckle that belt…
4:32pm Phil
Oh stop, you already know what’s in there and it ain’t all that
I want to lick it.
4:34pm Phil
the belt buckle?
5:21pm Phil
Oh, the steel hard dick?
Is it?
5:25 pm My five new friends
5:26 pm [PHOTO of 5 vibrators]
5:40pm Phil
gets there pretty quick
5:52 pm Like this? [photo of me licking the Stunt Cock]
5:56 pm Face shot [photo of Stunt Cock next to my face]
6:00 pm Phil Show me the pussy shot 🙂
6:03 pm Phil Good size!
6:05 pm 9 inches!
6:06 pm I got the one that looks the most like you. 😉
6:08 pm Course I wasn’t thinking to use it on myself…
I wanna suck it.
12:56 am Phil Still wanna see the pussy shot buried inside you coasted in your juices.  That’s the one I want to see.  Have you tried it yet?
12:56 am  No….
12:57 am Kinda scary.  I look at them and think “put that WHERE?” heh
12:58 am You out partying?
12:59 am Phil Just try it.  Experiment.  Gonna feel good.  Just rub it over your clit to start.  Be adventurous.
12:59 am I will figure it out.
1:01 am I started to think about it but it made me cry… Missing you.  Bleh.
1:06 am But tomorrow is another day!
1:08 am Phil 🙂

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