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Thursday, June 7, 2012
7:04 am Phil
It was just an old fat guy on the beach but it was a hell of a beach. Nice tits on this girl. Is this from the blog?

We are now in the phase where suddenly the clothes are being folded, boxes unpacked. It’s nice but I’ve seen it before. Won’t last. Lasts long enough to set the hook and then back to same old Wife. Can’t change who you are really. 

Off to an event. Fairly slow day today. Have a good one. Back to the east coast next week. Looking forward to that. Enjoy the day Sass.
9:44 am
 Good morning! Sun! 60s YAY! Imma gonna spank you… YOU ARE NOT FAT! I’m still drooling…nearly licked my screen! Have a terrific Thursday, kid.
10:17 am
I thought you’d notice those tits! 🙂 It’s from a tumblr run by west coast blogger called Advizor54. I complained to him that most .gifs are women only and nasty etc. He asked what I like. Said real-looking man & woman (brunette, w/ big chest, pussy not shaved) being nice to each other! So he kindly posts nice ones he finds. So I can share with you! Ain’t the internet grand? 🙂
10:20 am Phil
It is. Liked the big tits. Shaved is ok, not is too. Trimmed is good. Good pic!
I know you like to see pussy.  🙂  Men and women are waxed bare- it’s a thing in that industry like red nail polish or black lingerie – but some argue it looks prepubescent, unnatural, and it’s expensive/painful to wax.  I don’t care, but saying that to him made me sound hipper and gave him a challenge, since it’s rare to see hair.  😉
I do. They all look good and all different. I like a more natural look. Don’t ever mind looking
1:06pm Phil
I have a couple male friends who are waxed bare. Looks ok on the girls, not a fan on the guys. Trimmed short yes, bare no
That was a gay friends place. Big pool, hot tub affair. They were out there. Sex everywhere. I was sipping my drink going, holy shit.  That’s a wild scene. Two naked straight women, couple of lesbian couples and a dozen male couples all engaged in something. Was actually pretty hot
Wow! Lucky you!  I only see that on the net.  I hear about project peeps getting sexy, but it’s after I head home!
You have such a great smile!  Loved seeing the ceremony photos! 
Ah. Well thank you. I have been in a hot tub with other people groping and fucking. Been in the tub with good friends with her coming on hard. She wanted a threesome. I declined. Turned down the offered head too. Everyone feels comfortable around me for whatever reason. They know I won’t get weird or run my mouth. Did not change the friendship and she occasionally brings it up. Groped me once during a hello hug. Took her half a second to get me hard but still declined. I’m a friggin alter boy
So glad you’re not an altar boy with me!  It is very hot that I know the wild man.  No one else knows the demure lady isn’t all I am.  I would never have known without you!  And I like the wild girl a lot…
Know what it’s like to be so close to someone who is giving a blow job that you can hear them slurp? Leaned on the side of the pool next to her. He was sitting on the edge and she was blowing him. I could hear him sigh as she sucked. Saw the entire thing, he came in her mouth, she of course drank it down. She turned and looked at me, I could smell cum on her breath. Was all I could do not to blow right there. Much hotter than a video. That was better than the guys but it was strangly hot watching them too. Whole yard smelled like pussy and cum. I have been watched getting off as well and that was hotter than I thought. All fun, non traditional, so different from the boring sex I knew.
6:25 pm
My my… you are telling me good stories today! So glad you got to see and hear that there was more in this world than vanilla sex! Reminds me of my Mexico adventure. Mmmm…
6:31 pm Phil
That was a good one
I’ve learned so much in the past few months.  Looking for stuff for you took me down some interesting roads – blogs, tumblers, chats… yum!  Too bad you aren’t right here where I could show you… um.. first hand.  and mouth… and tits… and mmmm

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