Year 2 – Week 43
Wednesday, June 6, 2012
 8:23 am
Good morning! Have a good Wednesday, kid.
9:21 am Phil
morning, you too!
11:40 am
Your words make me smile. Do I say it often enough – thank you! I woke up wanting to wake you by gently straddling your hips and pressing you inside me… mmmm, so the first thing you feel as you rise to consciousness is a wet, hot, tight place around a very sensitive part of your body. When you crack open your eyes you see a woman with large breasts, her back arched in pleasure, smiling her sexiest grin because you, yes you, make her feel so alive!
From: Philip
Subject: At the beach
Date: June 6, 2012 3:30:18 PM EDT
To: Sassy 
Here’s a photo from my trip. 
[Philip in swim trunks on a gorgeous beach carrying a bucket of beer]

11:45 pm
Here’s me on top… your reward for sending me the incredibly hot beach photo! 
Sleep well, sweet man.

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