FFF – Appointment

Here’s the Flash Fiction Friday challenge from Advizor54’s blog
Key Word – “Appointment”
Word Limit – 264
Extra Credit – Leave her boots on
Bonus Words – 25 each for aliens, park rangers, crock pots, or a dinosaur
“Mary Ellen!  Wake up!” I heard as he shook my shoulder.  
“Waaht… Brian…” I managed to mumble.  
“A woman.  Wearing boots,” he whispered. 
“So?” my morning brain could not grasp the emergency. 
“JUST BOOTS!” he shouted.  Ouch.  So excitable, my Brian. 
“Are you dreaming?  Maybe you shouldn’t drink scotch before bed…remember that time you saw an alien in the Wilsons’ yard?” 
“LOOK!” he insisted, pulling back the curtain on his parents’ RV window.  I kissed him and rolled over to gaze out at the desert.  There was a buck-naked backside of a brunette beauty, standing like a statue about 30 feet away!
I turned off the crock pot with our steel cuts oats.  He grabbed his phone.  This ought to make for an exciting photo for our vacation album on Facebook.  
She waved.  He opened the side door and waved back.  I shook my head… he was naked.  Ah well… things are different in the desert.  
“Gorgeous morning!” she hailed him.  
He gasped and answered, “Yes indeed!”  I marveled at her perfect breasts and trimmed bush.  
“Want oatmeal?” I offered.  Brian shot me a strange look, then smiled as she strolled toward us.

“Oh!  That sounds delicious!” she exclaimed as she got close enough to smell the breakfast treat. “And healthy!”  He pulled out a chair for her.  He went back to grab the tray with the bowls, mugs, brown sugar, maple syrup, raisins, dried apple bits and chocolate chips.  I grabbed the milk and the coffee pot.  
“Going to be a hot day,” she said, as she ladled spoonfuls of oatmeal and condiments into her bowl.  “This is such a treat!  Much better than the cereal bar in my tent! Sorry if I woke you… thought I heard the park ranger’s truck… ” 
“No worries,” Brian said.   “It’s nice to see a new face out here after a week,” he assured her. 
“I was looking for dinosaur tracks… but I think I took a wrong turn,” she explained.  “Can we have sex after breakfast?  You have a gorgeous cock.  I am so frisky! I have a couple of hours until my appointment with the herbalist.”  Brian spit his coffee all over the sand.
(364 words)

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