Saturday, April 28
Good morning! Clear, chilly 38! Off to Mom’s church for the rummage sale!  When my life sucks, I go make someone else happy!  Hope your Saturday rolls along.
9:33am Phil
At the gym. Got up early. clears my head and I feel good for awhile. No coffee in the house. Had to hold back from dropping the useless pot on someone. I swear
Survived the sale w/o buying.  Got gas and groceries, IMd w/ a chat denizen in crisis…guy she’s been cheating with offered her a job, said they’d have to stop fooling around, tough choice!  Hope you found coffee!
1:30pm Phil
Wow. Tough call there I guess. I did find coffee.
2:57 pm Phil: Looking my age  [sent me a photo]
2:58 pm Wanna kiss that!
3:01 pm Phil: I feel old.  Do I look old?  Do you see any difference?
3:03 pm You are not old!  Geesh.  You are the most youthful, active, funny, sexy man I know!
3:04 pm What’s going on?!
3:12 pm Phil: well thank you very much!
3:12 pm Brat.
3:12 pm Phil: trying to shave the fat off
3:13 pm I’m going to spank you… remind me.
3:14 pm Phil: long, long way to go but progress I think
3:14 pm It’s awesome and you know it.
3:16 pm Now if you could just make one other change…
3:16 pm Phil: I don’t know it.  Big nose, droopy eyes, greying hair
3:18 pm Gorgeous.  Trust me.  I know about such things!
3:20 pm Phil: ha ha ha
3:20 pm Phil: what’s the other change?
3:35 pm Phil: ok so don’t tell me
3:36 pm 🙂
3:36 pm Trying to be good.
3:37 pm Phil: oh why?
3:47 pm Don’t want to be a downer.  Want to be cheerful and fun!  Wheee!
3:50 pm Phil: ok.
3:51 pm Trying not to say “Leave your wife and marry me!” too much…
3:52 pm Ya know?
3:53 pm Phil: oh, ok.  🙂
3:54 pm Phil: No worries.  Many issues, it’s ok.
3:54 pm Phil: Sorry for the inappropriate photo
3:54 pm Where?
3:56 pm But I do want you in my bed.
3:57 pm Phil: Still sending
3:57 pm Phil: You horny thing you.
3:59 pm 7 months, no sex, kid
4:00 pm Phil: you need to get laid
4:01 pm Any suggestions on how to do that?
4:02 pm Phil: Slowly but surely

4:02 pm Phil: not at the moment.
4:03 pm Damn…your ass is so hot
4:03 pm Phil: does this help?
4:04 pm Wow!  YES!
4:07 pm Want!
4:13 pm Distance sucks
4:16 pm How will you feel if I find someone else?  Relieved?  Mad?  Jealous?  Not that anyone else would want gray chubby me…
Headed out for sushi in the burbs and to see a show.  Later, babe. 
4:54pm Phil
Have fun!
5:09 pm Too tough a question?
6:13 pm Phil: none of the above.  I’m not like that. Just not me.  I am here, you are there.  I have many issues.  I am not available at this point.  You might be surprised who would want you
6:28 pm Phil: I’ll give you a call and explain all that.  Maybe tomorrow.  I’m not a jealous man and I rarely get angry. I get hurt easily but that’s a different issue.  I think everyone should be happy, however that happens. That philosophy has bitten me in the ass but I still believe it.
11:14 pm Phil: how was the sushi?
11:16 pm Delightful!  Got a hug from the lead actor! And Sis paid!
11:17 pm Phil: awesome!  Checking up on the kids at the bar
11:18 pm Phil: country band
11:19 pm Driving home
11:20 pm Phil: drive carefully girl
11:35 pm Home now
12:42 am Phil: good. Sweet dreams Sass

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