Saturday, April 21
Good morning! 61 overcast.  Off to dim sum w/ Sis and her husband.  Thinking of what I’d rather have in my mouth… Have a good day, my dear.
10:46am Phil
At the gym trying to adjust my attitude. Barked at my wife, women bitches about money non stop but refuses to get off her lazy ass and help. Today is one of those days I don’t even like her. Enjoy Dim Sum. Something else I enjoy but can’t eat.
Oh my… I don’t condone barking in general, but good for you!  This is messed up, but I hope you’ll bark at me someday, if I deserve it.  Though I try not to…  Promise me… if you don’t feel better today, please eat more tomorrow.  Your physical health is not worth losing your mind.  or go see the medic and say WTF?  
Can you relax today?  Go in your mind to good places… blast Jimmy Buffet?  Ping me – you can vent or ask me to distract you… whatever you need.  You’re not alone.
Have you seen this?  Texts from your dog
I don’t get them but maybe they’ll make you smile…
12:13pm Phil
I don’t bark often. Usually just take it inside and stew. The gym is a good release for me. I had a good egg white breakfast so I’m good.

Very good friend made what I think is going to turn out to be a bad call. Won’t listen to anyone and it hurts me to my core. I’m such a sensitive Sap. Maybe it will work out.

Going to try and unwind. I’m tight as a spring. I’m fine though. Thanks.

Had a good visit over dumplings.  They’re renovating their new house, getting ready to sell their old, off to buy furniture.  It’s tough listening to them indulge in fancy interior decor when I have to wait til I get paid to buy groceries.  Ah, well – they bought lunch!
Sitting outside while they clean my car -so nice out!  They told me to wait in their crappy little TV room?  No way.  It’s a luxury, but I’ve waited a month for Hubby to help me do it and I can’t stand it anymore. So leftovers tonight and a clean car!
Oh, how I wish you were here!  I am in the mood for some FUN!  You know the kind I mean… Hope you’re having a good time!

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