100 Marriage Tips

Sunday, April 22
Good morning!  51 misty.  Good weather to catch up on chores indoors!  Hope you have a special Sunday.
11:57am Phil
Cold here but sunny. Fixing electronics.  arggggfgggg
Hiya handsome.  You didn’t tell me you can fix electronics!  That is very hot.  
2:00pm Phil
I can do all kinds of stuff. Got handy over the years
What were you fixing today?
2:01pm Phil
Printers. Specifically, the wireless connection. Go it done, watching a bit of the race and then gonna take a bike ride
nice.  I do adore handy men. 
Especially if he’d use his hands on me.
2:13pm Phil
Ha,ha, guess I’m ok with that too. My history with women is not all that great though. Married out of high school, stupid thing to do. Fell in love years later and managed to fuck that up. Still hurts my heart. Met you after many years and am enjoying that but still have so many issues that weigh on my heart and soul. I push it all to the back and go on but sometimes it all crashes down and just crushes me. I tried to drink and eat it away. That does not work. ok today though. enjoyed my printer project, got a lap full of dogs and blessedly have the house to myself for a little while. going to head out and ride for an hour or so and excited about that.
I hear you.  I could write many of the same things.  Thank you for sharing them with me.  I so want to make you smile for real.
2:18pm Phil
she’s back.  Talk at you later. She’s going to the movies
7:23 pm Phil
I made dinner, grilled salmon, stir fried vegetables, salad. She slept on the couch. I so want more. I want someone to rub my neck, make dinner with me, listening to Foreigner on TV. I had that and walked away. I have everything and nothing.
8:08 pm
I hear you, kid.
8:15 pm Phil
I’m just so sad. Can’t shake it.
8:17 pm
Part of me wants to hug you, fuck you out of it. Another part wants to get you a vitamin. And a third part wants to say you are finally seeing the truth and ask you to consider making changes.
But it’s late on a Sunday, so I feel like I should try to make you laugh!
or nibble on your ear and whisper something dirty…
So I’m like a menu… you get to choose!
Did you get out on your bike ride?
8:27 pm Phil
nah, went to the gym and came back and made lazy ass dinner.
Thanks. Made me smile.
8:30 pm
Tell me what I did so I can do it again!!!
I wanna dance! Might have to put on Sexy Back and gyrate around the living room again
8:35 pm Phil
ha ha.
8:38 pm
Might have to start taking my clothes off…
Damn… I wanna dance with you… tease you… touch you… see that smile…
squeeze your ass!
I’ve been serious all day… can’t resist being a little silly!
A little sexy?
9:00 pm
There once was a fella named Phil, who was trying to change what he eats. It made him feel bad and even so sad, but his lady love was there to rub on his feet!
11:56 pm
Better days are coming. I can feel it. Hope you can sleep well, sweet man.
12:54 am
 “100 Tips for keeping the spark in a marriage
wondering if we could do it. It feels possible. Does it look wacky or wonderful to you?

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