Here to suck

Year 2 – Week 35

Wednesday, April 11
Good morning! 45 sun.  found old style chat room for people w/ problem spouses, up late listening.  Nice people, good ideas. Have a wonderful Wednesday!
I wanna kiss your face but I am running off to staff meeting instead.  Bleh!  Think about my lucky black bra and what it contains… 
Hope your day gets better soon.
3:58pm Phil
Thank you
I never know whether to offer to listen, rub your back or suck your cock.  But whatever, I’m here for ya, dear.
4:54pm Phil
I’m ok, just that kind of day.  I like the suck my cock part though. If ever there was a day to lean back, close my eyes and enjoy.  That ain’t gonna happen though so I’ll go work out instead. maybe burn off some frustration there.
7:08 pm
Had an amazing supper out at great Irish bar.  The chef can cook anything!

 Blue cheese bacon crab Rangoon, NC bbq bites & Korean bbq tacos @ Olde Magoon Saloon

 Cheeseburger spring rolls

Chicken tikka masala enchiladas 
If you wanted me there… I’d bring you a drink… settle you on the couch… then suck you balls deep til you scream.

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