Losing it

Tuesday, April 10
7:32 am Phil
Morning, hosting dinner for friends from the South this evening. Grilling.  Should be good. I’m dieting so I won’t have much. Belly is flat again and clothes fit the way they should, which is good. Face is thinner so something is working. Busy week this week and off to DC. Should be fun. Information is pouring in on that now. Trying to learn the issues so I am prepared.

Hope your day is good. No delicious Thai food for me. Not much desire for food lately or drink which helps. Enjoy the day, time for morning situps and pushups followed by coffee!

8:35 am
Good morning! 46 hazy sun. So great to hear about your adventures! Congrats on your weight! You rock!
8:41am Phil
Not so much but I’m trying.  I’ll lose two lbs and then go days with nothing. My caloric intake is way under 2000, body is stubborn but I can see the changes. And then all of a sudden 10lbs will fall off.  Weird but as long as it goes, I am happy.
Ah, yes.  Weight loss is a mystery!  I learned from nutritionists, Hubby’s weight watchers and surgery recovery, and my own attempts, yet still have no clear path.  Is your family helping?  Hubby screws up my plans for lighter dinners, so I focus on healthy breakfast and lunch, then limit portions at dinner.  I am making slow but steady progress, which is best for me.  I see your thin face in photos… now if only I could touch it!  Have fun with the friends! 
3:15pm Phil
My wife does not like to cook so it was easy for her to quit. She is also working on her weight so she is doing WW. Allows me to eat what I want and maintain control. Have been out a few times and made good choices which is also important. I am determiend to get my body right. Ran two miles today and did the stairs several times. Feel the muscles responding which is good. After that the metabolism kicks in and its down hill. Harder than it used to be but still doable. I’ll get there.

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