Ham and Thai

Monday, April 9
7:41 am Phil
It was a good day. Church in the morning. Chapel was full which was nice, chaplain gave his typical wandering crappy sermon. Spent the afternoon with friends which was nice. Nice dinner. Taxes are almost there. A couple of tweeks but certainly close so all good. Hope you had an enjoyable holiday too! Enjoy the day! Happy Monday!
8:42 am
Good morning! My Easter was double-good. Fun w/my niece hunting eggs then amazing lamb dinner. I did an hour’s dish, pot & pans washing. Brief nap, then delicious ham with raisin sauce dinner I organized w/ project orphans! Goofy fun. Have a marvelous Monday!

10:17 pm
Had a delicious Thai supper… thought of you as I slurped that soup.  Hope you had a good day.

 Goog rad pik (shrimp tempura in chili sauce) @ Palm Sugar Thai, Davis Square, Somerville

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