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It’s time for a brief break from the Philip & Sassy Shenanigans for the tenth round of Prowling With Kat‘s Blog Chain, a delightful monthly exercise in posting on the same topic with a bunch of sexy bloggers.  For March we are posting about “March Madness: Sex with an athlete.”

Philip was an athlete and I dated other athletes in high school, but haven’t been around the arenas, courts, pitches, or diamonds much since then.  I did spend a lot of time at figure skating ice rinks.  I was a huge fan – traveling to competitions and exhibition events all over – Skate America, Nationals, Worlds.  I remember watching Peggy Fleming on our old black & white TV.  I didn’t know for years that her skating dress was lime green!  I drooled over John Curry and Robin Cousins, and had poster of Brian Boitano on my closet door!

The man who held my attention longer than any other skater was Peter Tchernyshev.  He and his partner, Naomi Lang, were U.S. Ice Dance Champions five times and went to the Winter Olympics in 2002.  He moved here from Russia, wrote Naomi a letter asking to try out as her partner, and they were a huge success.  He was famous for making his partner look good, and leaning all the way over on the ice and circling around on one blade, with Naomi stretched out on top of him!

I saw them skate live several times, but there are two moments that stick in my mind:

My friends and I were sitting at a table in the lobby of the DoubleTree Hotel in Colorado Springs after a long day at Skate America practices and competitions at the new Broadmoor arena.  Peter strolled down the hall looking for the skaters party.  I am one of those people that strangers assume know what’s what and ask for directions.  He stopped and asked me where the party room was.  I stared into his brilliant blue eyes.  And stared.  I was lost.  My sister poked me and I pointed to my left in the direction of the hotel ballroom.  He thanked me and strolled off in that direction.  My companions burst into giggles because I had been rendered speechless – a rare occurrence!

At Worlds in D.C. in 2003, we had seats at the end of the rink where we could watch skaters sailing down the entire length of the ice, like they were going to slam right into us, but they’d circle around and head around the other way.  There was a magic moment when Peter was warming up, skating alone, and he came flying down the ice with his arms open wide… it felt like one of those sappy movie moments when the couple is running across a field to fall into each other’s arms.  I imagined him vaulting over the barrier and hugging me!   Then carrying me off to ravage me!!!

I spent many nights dreaming of a private lesson with him.  Or meeting him in the hotel bar after a competition and ending up in his arms in my room.  Or inviting him to skate for a local charity and getting to talk to him at the after-party and… you know.  Pure fantasy.  But it kept me warm on many a cold New England night.  When my life was crazy, I would run away to Peter in my mind.  Watch the way he moves… the grace, the power, the hair!

Lang & Tchernyshev 2002 U.S. Figure Skating Championships Free Dance

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  1. That picture that she’s leaning on him is stunning, and scary. And even if you weren’t in his arms, you were rendered speechless by gazing into his eyes directly, that’s a cool experience.

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