Spring flowers

Sunday, March 11

5:12 am
Bleh… can’t sleep. Revved up for unknown reasons… wish you were around to fix it as only you know how. Ah, well.  Have a superb Sunday!
12:38 pm
Good morning! 50 and sunny! Woot! Happy Daylight Savings Time! Off to the annual meeting of our project non-profit. Yippee. Hope you’re having fun. Saw more flowers today!  Spring is on the way!

2:09 pm Phil
Driving North. Have fun!
5:51 pm
Thinking of you… hoping the road is smooth, wondering where you are. Safe travels!
10:01 pm Phil
Just got home. Enjoying a drink
10:04 pm
Thanks for telling me… easy drive?
Prepping my taxes for the accountant… do I know how to live it up or what?!!!

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