FFF – Love Punishment

Here’s the February 15th Flash Fiction Friday challenge from Advizor54
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Key Words: Love Punishment
Word Limit: Who can put a limit on love?  I can 300 words
Bonus Set it on Feb 13th


“No, please leave the stockings on… they’re hot,” he requested.

“I don’t know what I’m doing… this is sooo not my thing,” I complained.
“High time you changed that…”
“I know… it’s just that I don’t think…”
“Don’t think… relax.  Close your eyes.  Listen to the sound of my voice,” he instructed.  “Pretend that I am sitting in a chair in the corner, staring at you.”
“No buts… breathe… touch.  It doesn’t matter where… just touch… keep touching until you find a good spot,” he intoned.   
“Mmm…hmmm… do that again…slower….” he chanted.
“Mmmmmffff… wow,” I moaned.
“That’s it… it’s okay to feel good,” he told me.
“Can you see?” I asked, checking the screen.  
“Yes.  It’s perfect.  Stop fretting and touch between your legs!!”
“Feels… so… strange to have you watching me.  This is so private!” I admitted.
“I am honored that you are letting me watch,” he said.  
“It’s so cool to finally see your face after all this time,” I sighed.
“Slap… twice…hard!” He startled me but I complied.
“Wasn’t… mmmm… ow…going to, but that love poem you wrote… mmmm,” I managed to eek out, even though my all the blood was leaving my brain for lower regions!  The only sound for many moments was my breathing… and then I heard a rustling sound and looked over.  He was touching himself!
“Keep going… deeper, deeper… that’s it.  In and out.  In….and out.,” he said, keeping time with his words and his pumping.  Oh my!
“I… mmm… I… you were right… so right… it’s… oh!” I  had lost any ability to utter sentences.
“That’s it… roll with it,” he said, getting a little breathless himself.   We were silent for a while, lost in the pleasure.
“Clenching… wow…starting…”
The power went out.

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