My Valentine 2012 Part 4 In my mouth

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— Part 4 In my mouth
Wednesday, February 15th

I didn’t hear him leave.  I woke up about 8:45 am.  He had left me a very sweet note on the desk, saying he’d had a great time and I was welcome to come back if I could deal with him being distracted.  I worried about what he would say to our friend… he told me to write what he should say and he’d stick to it!  Ha ha!  I texted him a sentence about how I am not a troll and we had fun.  He said that looked good. 
I dressed and gathered all my stuff, feeling especially fuzzy and scattered from lack of sleep and all the emotions in the night.  I packed and took everything out to the car except my suitcase.  Then decided to go back and get it, just in case something happened and I could not go back.  I drove home intending to go right to bed.  I ended up taking care of emails, reading blogs, checking work email etc.  I finally got to bed about 3 pm and slept until Sis called me at 5:15 pm.
I texted Simon, told him I was thinking about his amazing hands.  He sent back a smiley.  Then said he would be back in the room between 9 and 10 pm, most likely on the late side.  Hubby ordered a pizza and I had a couple pieces.  I texted Simon about 8:30 pm telling him I was heading out.  I drove back to the hotel.  
Just as I was arriving about 9:30 pm, he texted that he was arriving too!  He pulled in as I got to the door and I opened it and let him in.  I handed him the key card and he opened the hotel room door.  I set down my stuff and he enveloped me in a big hug and a couple of kisses then said he was so tired and still had four things to do!  I stepped away and settled in the far corner of the bed with my computer.  I told him I was not going to distract him, but that I was available for distraction if he wanted.  He thanked me and went to work at the desk.  
Periodically, he would flump down next to me on the bed, close his eyes for a few moments, then grab me for a kiss.  He’d smile as if he was being recharged, then go back to work for a bit.  Four or five times he did that!  It was so sweet!!  He said he was talking to our friend online.  He told her I was very smart and using an Apple computer!  That was certainly discreet.  
Finally about 12:30 am, he admitted he could not see straight and needed to sleep.  I took off everything except my underpants, and he was already under the covers with his eyes closed.  The second I hit the bed, he rolled over and started kissing me, pausing to say, “I am sooo glad you came back tonight.”  
He proceeded to stroke me, get at that spot on my back again and then work his way down to put his fingers inside me.  I asked if he could put his mouth there, and he agreed heartily.  He pulled me down to the edge of the bed and hugged me, than pressed me to lie back and attacked me with his mouth, expertly sucking and biting and plunging his tongue inside me.  It felt amazing and my hips went wild.  He crawled back up my body and kissed me, then asked what I was thinking, and I said, “Juices.  Yours, mine, together.”  He nodded and smiled.  
He came back to lie beside me and we talked a bit more, then I decided to return the favor.  He asked me what I was doing, and I said, “I was going to get cum in my mouth.”
He gasped and closed his eyes as I made my way down his body, nibbling his nipple, kissing his belly button, then taking his shaft into my hand, blowing on him, licking then sucking him deep.  I used one hand to twist him up and in, then the other hand went to his balls and finally to his ass.  He seemed very surprised and pleased.  I asked if he could see what I was doing and he said no, he could only feel right now and it was incredible!  He got a little flustered, warning me that he was going to cum… and I hummed in ascent and his hips went nuts, fucking my mouth as I sucked him in deep and he came.  It was easy to swallow and press a finger into his ass in the same rhythm, which I did until he softened.

I worked my way back up his body and kissed him with my mouth closed but in a way that offered him an open-mouthed kiss if he wanted to taste our mixed juices.  He opened his mouth tentatively, then pressed a tongue inside me and mmmm’d.  
He stayed very still and I sat up beside him, leaning against the headboard.  He said, “That was the hardest I’ve ever come in my life.  I can’t move!”  
He chuckled.  I told him he didn’t have to move.  He stayed there for a long time, holding my hand, telling me stories.  He finally got up to clean up, and prep for another 7 am start, then came back and cuddled under the covers, talking about karma and how bad things happen to people who are mean to him, and I shared my stories, too.  He said he’d try not to wake me in the morning, but I told him I’d like to kiss him good bye.  He asked if he seemed the same in real life as online. I said he was much sweeter and better looking.  He smiled.  I asked if I was and he said yes, but less silly!  He hugged me and I stroked his face and chest until he fell asleep.  I dropped off about 2:30 am with a big smile on my face.  

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