Seafood and bacon

Friday January 20
7:52am  Phil
Fell asleep. Good morning. Hope it’s a good day.
Good morning!  28 w/ 2 in of snow.  So glad you slept.  Hope it makes for a fine Friday!
Hiya! Saw new doc – changing meds, may help w/ weight!  Yay! Taking the rest of the day off.  Hope your weekend gets off to a grand start!

12:16am  Phil
Good for you! Had a nice afternoon. Lots of oysters, some fried grouper, nice, relaxing.
What’s grouper like?  Never had it.
12:18am  Phil
Fly out tomorrow. White fish, battered in Cajun seasoning, not real fishy, I like it
Big sweet oysters
Early flight?  Mmmm… fish…
I had a shrimp and bacon pizza.
12:20am  Phil
Packed and ready to go
Sounds good too. Having Chicago style tomorrow. Also has bacon on it
Busy weekend?

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