FFF – New Year

“…But what will it say to the Average Joe? Will it make him to go see it?” my boss asked as we sat around a conference table with the promotions team for the new spy thriller.  

“He’s about to rescue another damsel in distress!” shouted the ad sales guy who had picked out the photo projected on the screen.  

“She’s an assassin and he’s leaving her behind to die,” added the graphic designer who  preferred drawings to photos.   “Look at her shoes!”

“There’s something kinky about the chain… don’t know if legal will go for it,” piped up the boss again.  

“What?” the graphic designer asked.  “It’s already in the movie.”

“Oh, you know… um… never mind.  He’s always been into hints of salacious stuff,” the boss backed off.   I coughed to stifle a giggle.  I felt a hand on my leg… squeezing, stroking higher and higher under my skirt.  I turned to look into the beautiful eyes of the layout artist.  He winked.  

“I need to see it with the text before I can decide,” he added.  He had a thing for fonts.  

“But is it worth it, to pay for the set up?  I don’t even like it that much,” the boss sighed.  “It doesn’t show the actor they paid millions to attract people.”  

“We need to be fresh, not so literal,” the ad sales guy replied.  “Everyone knows who is starring in this,” he pointed out.  “Make people wonder what he’s up to.”

The boss looked out the window, never a good sign.  It was his attempt to look deep in thought, but he was trying to get out to make his tee time.  

The hand reached my slit, tracing it, teasing it over my underwear.  “I’d like to talk more about the chain..,” he whispered in my ear.  I tried to shush him with a stern glance but his leering grin made me smile instead.  He blew on my neck.  

“Let me see the next one so we can finish before the New Year?,” the boss grumbled.

“This is the last one,” the ad sales guy replied.

“Merde!” the boss exclaimed, thinking it was more posh to swear in the language of his Montreal roots.  

“How long do we have the room?” the boss asked me.  He could open his calendar on his iPad, but it was always easier to ask me.  

“Five more minutes,” I managed to answer, despite a finger sliding under my panties and inside me.  I squirmed in my chair, sliding down just a bit.  I stared at my sweet tormentor.  

“Well, okay then.  Let’s ask for a mock-up of this and the boat one, by Tuesday,” he decreed.  He grabbed his tablet and bolted from the room.  I made notes while the others filed out.  

“I need to talk to you… in my office,” font king said as he rose, licking his finger.  

Are you going to rescue me or I should I assassinate you?” I kidded him.  

“Yes, and more.”  

So that’s my take on this week’s Flash Fiction Friday challenge from Advizor54:
500 Words
Key phrase = “New Year” or “New Year’s

Pop over to his blog to see what other bloggers and he wrote about the photo.   http://advizortoall.blogspot.com/


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