2011 and done

Friday, December 31, 2011

5:26 pm 
Phil: Happy New Year! Neighborhood party this evening should be fun. Hope you have a fun evening
5:27 pm 
Happy New Year to you! I’ll be here alone making trouble on the internet!
5:34 pm 
Phil: LOL!

5:34 pm 
If I can keep you laughing, my day is made!  Thinking about last New Year’s Eve morning.. you driving with a huge hard one… me writhing on my bed – ah, the magic moments! 🙂
5:37 pm 
Phil: Oh geez 🙂
5:38 pm 
Your voice always does things to me…
12:07 am Happy New Year, kid.
I wish you were here. I would make the first minutes of 2012 memorable.
2:20 am 
Phil: Happy New Year Sassy
2:20 am 
Thanks, kid.
Starting off well?
2:27 am Phil
Got friends who are lonely and sad tonight. Frustrated that I can’t fix it. I had a nice night though. Time for bed. Hope I sleep.
2:28 am 
I hear you… just talked to a friend who had a funeral yesterday.
Wish I could help more.
You helped me!
Sleep well, sweet man.
END OF 2011———————

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