Smiling Married Women

Saturday, November 26
9:05 am
Good morning! Sun, headed to 61! Hope you have a special Saturday!
10:28 am
Phil: Off to the city!
10:54 am
Thought you might take her there today… hope she likes the sights! Think of me, just around a corner… stealing a deep kiss when they’re looking the other way, pressing my hand between your legs and… hiding away again.
12:11 pm
Why, yes…I did wake up on the vixen side of the bed. Can’t stop thinking about your cock! Can blog stuff jump into a scenario? Cock ring? Butt toy? Vibrator? Prostate play? or stick w/ simply elegant sucking? What strikes your fancy today?
2:59 pm
Off to round #1 of 4 project nights with new members! Whee!
7:54 pm
Home, round #1 done! Saw 16 people! Some amazing talent! Brought home Thai food… yum. Hope you’re having a blast!
10:54 pm
Phil: Fun day in the city – kids, good food, nice time. Drinks and deep dish pizza, oh yea. Tomorrow, football!
10:56 pm
I spent most of the day reading a different sex blog, about a guy named Riff who makes married women smile, so you probably shouldn’t talk to me. I am, well… wicked HORNY!
11:18 pm
But I will try to behave. *sigh

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