How To Get Away With An Affair

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I posted my tips for secret cheating awhile back, but I am always looking for new ideas of ways “cheaters” can do their thing without getting busted.  A wonderful writer posted this link on a forum I frequent.  It has new suggestions, so I am passing it on to you!  Some of them are impossible, like… not writing about sex, but others make a lot of sense, especially the last one!  Stay safe under the radar, folks!

How to get away with an affair in 2012 by Sam Biddle

If you have other ways to keep your adventures a secret, let me know!


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One thought on “How To Get Away With An Affair”

  1. I always count on my wife assuming I’m a dumb ass. So I act like all those stupid TV dads around the house. Nobody assumes I could carry out anything as elaborate as an affair. Well really nobody assumes I could do anything other than cook a batch of chili and watch the NFL! 🙂

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