Fancy dances

October 16, 2011 Sunday

Good morning!

10:29am Phil
Good morning!

Watching football today?

How were the fancy dances?

12:20pm Phil
Had a blast. I’ve never been to anything that fancy. Amazing event.

6:37pm Phil
That was a hoyti toitee event that was marvelous! Watching football. Great day. Hope yours is too

What was the food like? 

Oh, I wish you were online.  I have an itch I need you to scratch for me. 

10:14pm Phil
What a weekend! Nite.
Beef rib, tender and tasty, great veggies, garlic potatoes. All fabulous.  Presentation was nice, open bar all nite. Terrific event!

Sounds amazing!  Thanks for sharing the details… I probably won’t ever get to go to something like that unless my life changes a lot in unexpected ways.  Sleep well, sweet man. 

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