Visit #3 Hotel Sex Fest

The early hours of Tuesday, September 13, 2011

So at midnight I pulled in to the Courtyard by Marriott hotel.  I texted him from the car to warn him I was on the way in.  I found his room, a long hike from the lobby with all my bags – suitcase, laptop computer, grocery bag and huge purse!  I looked up and down the hallway – no one around.  I knocked and he opened the door a crack and peered out at me.  I saw his huge smile and his naked body.  Wowzers! 
He pulled me into the room.  I dropped everything, and we grabbed each other for a big hug and held on for a long time.  It always feels sooo right in his arms!  He finally raised my chin and gave me a deep kiss until I started moaning.  He tasted of scotch and man.  I could have kissed him forever, but he had no patience.  He led me over to the bed and sprawled on his back, his gorgeous tanned skin gleaming in the half-light, his beautiful cock erect.  I sat on the edge of the bed, facing away from him, trying to take in that I was really here with him.  That I had changed the plan at the last moment, packed in less than 20 minutes, driven all that way in the dark to an unfamiliar place and found him!  

“You okay?” he asked when I didn’t move or speak, patting softly on my back. 

“Yes… I just… I was in my living room 90 minutes ago thinking I wouldn’t see you and… and now I’m here and you’re here and…,” I tried to explain.  I took a couple of deep breaths.  

He pulled me down and kissed me, then said, “I can’t wait another second.”  He rolled me over onto my stomach, took off my slacks and underwear, pulled my ass up and shoved himself inside me doggie style, pounding me, pulling me back and forth with a tight grip on my ass.  It was so fabulous to feel filled after so many months of emptiness!  

He kept up a steady stream of sexy talk.  “Oh, yeah… you are so hot, so tight… even better than I remember… damn, girl…my cock looks soooo good going deep into your pussy.  You feeling good, girl?”  I had no brain whatsoever, could not speak as I was banging my ass back against him, clawing at the comforter, squeaking and moaning… thanking my lucky stars that my body was still functioning after all I’d been through, and that I had healed enough from radiation not to be in any pain as he used my body so beautifully! 

He rolled me over and went back inside, pumping furiously, saying things.  “Oh yes… Tell me you want my cock.”  I replied, “So hot.. so hard.  I want it so much.  Deeper…all the way, please… please.”  My breaths were so ragged, I couldn’t talk.  I started peaking very fast.  “Do it.. let go… now,” I requested.  He came inside me in great shuddering waves.  I watched his face as he grimaced and then smiled.  I closed my eyes and started shaking all over, thrashing, flushing, clenching inside as I came hard.  Damn… that man knows how to make me explode!

He rolled off the bed and stood at the edge, put his cock in my mouth and two fingers inside me, pressing in and up.  I couldn’t believe he was still hard.  He pinched my left nipple and my hips went wild.  I sucked him deep into my throat, gagging and smacking as he moved in and out, tasting my own juices and then very quickly tasting cum!  How can he cum again so soon?  He exploded down my throat and I swallowed around him as he moaned and trembled.  He collapsed on to the bed, chuckling and giddy.  “You are the hottest woman…” he gasped.  He was kissing me again.  He held onto me, skin on sweaty skin.  The room smelled of sex and scotch.
I finally took off my top and spooned with him behind me.  He played with my right breast through my lucky black bra.  I took my bra off and turned to show him my chest.  My tits are almost the same color again, thank goodness. (Radiation made the right breast looked tan).  He rubbed my right breast gently, asking if it was okay, and it drove me wild.  I marveled at the timing that brought me here after I was completely healed, which was less than three weeks ago!  He turned on the bedside lamp and traced him fingers over my radiation tattoos – counting the little blue dots on my chest and sides… one, two, three, four… and five!  

“Did it hurt when they did these?” he asked, looking concerned.  

“Yes.  It was awful.  And they didn’t warn me, which was unprecedented,” I told him.  “Worst moment of all the treatments.”  He kissed each one, like a parent healing a boo boo.  My heart melted at his sweet attention and concern. 

“They’re kinda sexy, you know, ” he said, licking them and smiling up at me. “Little blue freckles that prove how tough you are…”
He reached up to play with the white peach fuzz on my head saying, “I really like your hair.  It looks very trendy.”  He said he really likes my hair!  🙂  I knew it was still too scary short, but appreciated him trying to give me confidence.

We cuddled peacefully and chatted with my head on his shoulder.  I nibbled on his chest and kissed him some more.  He has such gorgeous, smooth, tanned skin!  I asked him if he hurts anywhere right now, and he said no.  No knees or shoulder aches?  No.  

He kissed me again, then moved down to suck on my left nipple, biting it gently.  My hips rolled toward him, and he kissed his way down to my navel.  He teased me… kissing my left thigh and then my right… then finally honing in on my lower lips.  He licked them and flicked his tongue on my clit.  My hips bucked up, and he put his tongue inside me.  I grabbed his head, trying to draw him deeper, weaving my fingers into his beautiful dark hair.  He returned to licking my clit, using the flat of his tongue, then added two fingers inside me.  I wanted to watch but this was too much… I closed my eyes and lie there moaning.  I wanted to tell him how good he made me feel.  

“Oh… you… make me burn,” I told him, “You know just what to do to… mmmm…” but my brain shut off as he twisted his fingers inside me and sucked on my clit!  He held on as the waves of heat poured through me again, and I was cumming all over his face, shaking, squealing… wow!!!

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