Visit #3 My Monday

Visit #3
I’m going to get to see Philip!  He’s at a conference within driving distance of Boston.  This is the third time I’ve have seen him since he found me again.  It’s been nine months since I saw him and heard his voice.  It is going to be glorious! 

[this is part 3 of my account of Visit #3 – you can find part 1 here:]

Monday, September 12
Wacky day at work.  I had a meeting 12:30-2 pm.  Ick.   I did not know what was going on with Philip’s visit.  I knew he’d be around this week, but had no other details.  Not sure why, but he likes to leave everything to the last minute.  Mr. Spontaneous!  About 12:25 pm, as I was gathering my papers for the meeting, he sent me a FB message – at this point all I knew was we were supposed to have dinner sometime this week.  
We messaged back and forth as he got on the plane, then when he landed, and decided on dinner Tuesday night.  I had made hotel reservations just in case, but had no idea if I’d need them or not.  
So I was resigned to only seeing him for dinner, maybe staying a little after that.  He said he was headed out for a beer to watch football with the guys.  I was wicked pissed.  He can seem them anytime!  But whatever.  
Hubby picked me up at work and wanted to have a serious talk about him being poly and trying to date and me feeling uncomfortable and so forth.  He had been holding off talking until I was done with cancer treatment and decided this was the day.  Sigh  So we sat in the car for an hour outside my office, then I finally took him out to eat at The 99.  We kept talking for another 2 hrs.  No conclusions.  
So I got home at 8:30 pm and checked my phone.  Philip had sent several messages, saying we needed to figure out where and when Tuesday.  Then getting impatient.  

I decided it was time to confess I had a hotel reservation.  Of course, the way things go with us, he was already staying at the exact same hotel.  So of all the hotels in the area, he was already at the one where I’d made a reservation!  He never stays at a hotel; he is always on base, but they were full.  I just sat at my computer and laughed.  There was no flack, no hesitation that I’d broadened the invitation from dinner to more, just the big hotel coincidence. 

Then he started flirting.  Sexting me.  I was about to explode already, with him so close yet so far away, and he is goading me?  We were texting and FB messaging and it suddenly dawned on me that I could go to him.  RIGHT NOW.  I warned him he’d better stop or I would be knocking on his door.  He didn’t stop… he got even bolder!  He texted me a photo of his gorgeous cock.  Brat.  I threw things into a suitcase.  (Note to self: when Philip is scheduled to be nearby, have a bag already packed!) 
I finished packing, put on my black top with the lace down the front, gave Hubby a big hug, and took off at 10:30 pm.  I raced down the highway talking to my sister, begging the miles to pass faster so I could be in his arms.

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