Visit #3 Girlie nerves

Tuesday, August 9

Good morning! 70s humid sunny. Odd dream – huge lobster chasing me. Maybe ghosts of my weekend meals? Hope your day rolls easily!

Phil: All of those places look good! Any would be fine. Have a great Tuesday!

Glad those made sense to you. Wish I was there now!

Head full of what it will be like. Mostly very excited about swallowing creamy clam chowder and sucking lobster legs. Mixed w/ nerves – idiot girlie stuff – what to wear and whether my short hair is scary so I should wear the wig… it doesn’t matter but my brain won’t stop! Ah, well, all part of the fun!

11:15 pm
Pouring rain here, smells like the ocean.
Tempts me to dance in it! Sweet dreams, kid.

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