Nominate Top Sexy Bloggers!

Time to nominate!

Rori, the founder of the Between My Sheets blog does a fun thing every August – ask readers to tell her who should be nominated for the 2012 top sexy bloggers list.  Her 2011 list is how I found Riff Dog of Ashley and Me who inspired me to blog!

Here’s the link – please go comment to tell her the URL for your favorite sexy blog especially anyone you think deserves more readers.
Rori’s Nomination post

Sadly, I am not technically eligible because I haven’t been blogging for a year.  She says she’ll consider bloggers who’ve been around since January 1, 2012 but I figure I don’t need to horn in this year.

I’m going to nominate my five faves who are eligible and should be recognized for their sexy stuff:

Advizor54 from Free Advice is worth what you pay for it

Max from Thoughts of a Mystic Saytr

Naughty Kitty from My Secret Life

Ryan Beaumont from The Ashley Madison Adventures of a Regular Guy Gone Bad

W from Internal Pathways to Contention

Best of luck to all the nominees!


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