Life is short

Wednesday, July 20
8:14 am Good morning!  Starting a heat wave.  Hazy, hot & humid.  Zap #22 and work.  Tra la la.  Have a wicked good Wednesday.
9:41 am Done w/ #22.  They told me I have to do 33 total, so 11 more.  Sigh.  Done Aug. 4.  Please make the next two weeks fly! 
2:53 pm My brother-in-law’s best friend died.  RIP. Sigh.  Tell me some good news.
(from his second phone)
3:24 pm Phil: So sorry to hear that.  Makes us realize our mortality and that we are not getting younger.  Reminds me to think good thoughts and to slow down and enjoy life more.  Good food with a wonderful friend, a romantic lobster dinner, soft kisses at a camp.

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