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Tuesday, July 19

7:20 am Good morning!  73 sun, a bit drier, 88.  Early appt for extra targeted zap #21.  Then work 3 hr all-staff mtg w/ HR team building.  Have a terrific Tuesday!
[again a switch to facebook discussion]

8:27 am
Liked the cool tub thing and the Herb Albert. Also one of my favorite performers.
Another busy week, lots going on. My buddy is gone and that really sucks. He was really the only
person I could talk to about work issues. No one else really understands and is willing to talk. He and I spent many nights talking and we were good for each other. Now I no longer have that vent and it’s sad. No more texts saying dude, shut your computer off and get over here and have a beer. I’m gonna be bummed for awhile. Oh well. What can yo do. Hope you have a great day.

11:43 am
Thank you for writing this morning! It meant a lot to me. So glad you liked the FB posts! I post
them just for you. It shouldn’t surprise me anymore that I post things I like and you like them, too. But it sure is fun when you say so!

I was trying to post special things because I could feel your sadness and wanted to help.
I don’t know why I can feel it 1000 miles away, but I do. Thanks for explaining it, 
confirming it. I could tell you guys had a great bromance going, and it was changing and 
that sucks. I hope that passes soon.
11:44 am
I don’t get all the work issues, but feel free to vent at me anyway. I do have a pretty good
brain! I won’t know the answer but maybe just airing it could help you feel better and see
the possibilities? Whatever, I’m here.
And now I get to spend three hours talking about a DISC assessment. Heard of it? It’s one 
of those “wonderful HR tools” to assess different work styles, make people aware of them 
and try to make them work better together. Yippee. You will not be surprised that I score 
97% on the Altruism trait!
11:53 am           
At least there is free Indian food! Chicken tikka masala…
Yummy. Prefer a nice vindaloo curry myself
11:54 am          
Yeah, I know you love hot, saucy things in your mouth.
4:58 pm
I survived staff mtg! Off to a retirement party in the burbs. Home by 8 pm CST. Ping me 
if you want – take our minds off our troubles?
10:33 pm
Lovely party – good to see former co-workers and sit out on a big back porch in the 
night air. Bushed. Bed. Sleep well, sweet man.

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