Texting a Story Part 2

[For parts 1-4, see Texting a Story Part 1]

Saturday, July 16
8:16 am Good morning!  70 sunny, 90 later.  Busy day for  Hubby – two events.  I’ll hobnob around. Envy your Irish breakfast.  Have a stupendous Saturday! 
8:36 am [Part 5] He moved up to kiss her, pressing the massager between them so they shared the vibrations, as he put his tongue in her mouth. She thought of another body part he could put in, moaned. He kissed down her body as she squirmed. He removed her clothes, diving into her wet core w/ his tongue, tasting her.
10:39 am [Part 6] He used the massager on her ass as he flicked her clit with his tongue. She thrashed and he shoved a finger into her, feeling vibrations and the muscles tighten. She squeaked and shook, soaring. She pulled him up for kisses, then grabbed the toy and put it beside his balls with her mouth on his cock.
1:30 pm [Part 7] He moaned as she sucked him down her throat, pressing the massager into his ass. He held her head, watching her fuck him with her talented mouth. He moaned. She stopped. He took a deep breath; she started deeper. He gasped. “Damn girl!” She wiggled the toy in his ass, and hummed. It made him go wild
5:32 pm [Part 8] He told her how hot it was, better than he’d thought, how she made him burn, how tough it was to hold back, how to move her hand to make it even better, how incredible she was, that he was going to cum. Mmm… he peaked, shivered and she tasted the sweetness. He jerked away and shot on her tits
9:08 pm [Part 9] She smiled. It warmed his heart. He pounced on her and rolled around, hugging her, laughing and kissing. He tasted himself in her mouth. They talked of everything and nothing. He slipped inside her. She wrapped her legs around him and pulled him deeper. He moved in and out. So tight, so hot, so wet.
10:07 pm Eyes won’t stay open, off to bed.  Wish you could tuck me in… sweet dreams, kid.

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