Texting a Story Part I

Friday, July 15, 2011

7:28 am Good morning!  68/82 perfect!  Zap #19 and no work!  Yay!  Have a fabulous Friday, kid!
12:32 pm [Part 1] He had a sore shoulder, a terrible knot in the muscle. I sat him on the bed, and got the vibrating hand massager. Whirrrrrr. Pressed it gently on the spot, kneading it. He sighed as the vibrations and pressure began to relieve the pain. He thanked me and went to get up but I moved it lower
9:32 pm [Part 2] I gently massaged his lower back, pulling the tension of the day away. He sighed, stretching across the bed, almost asleep. I pressed lower, at the top of his legs. He murmured “so good” as vibrations got to his sensitive areas. I pressed up into his ass, and his hips twitched. He rolled toward me
10:33 pm [Part 3] Brookstone mini massager [photo of the massager]

11:33 pm [Part 4] “Give me that” he demanded. She handed it over and he pressed it to the top of her slit. Mmmm… Now her hips shifted toward him. She shut her eyes. He squeezed her breast w/ his other hand, undid her top to expose her ample cleavage. He put his mouth there, sucked as she moaned, til he’d marked her
11:57 pm Hope you have a nice night.  Sweet dreams, kid.

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