Linnear Accelerator

Friday, June 24, 2011
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12:14 pm Under the Linnear Accelerator

I’m finished with treatment #5 of 30. Only 25 to go! 
I haven’t had any ill effects yet. 
Here’s a spiffy photo of the machine they use to zap me with lasers. I finally got the techs to tell me what things are called. The machine is a linear accelerator. Sounds sciencey, huh? The techs call it “linac” for short. The thing that swings around me is called a gantry and the round bit is a collimator. It was invented at Stanford in 1957.
This is what I see when it’s over my face:
Contrary to these photos, I don’t see any green lines/lasers and my machine is light blue plastic.
8:09 pm Hey, kid.  What’s up?
10:05 pm Hope your weekend is rolling along well.  Bed for me.  Hoping for a lobster dream!

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