Sassy Answers: Fake Me

Dear Readers,

With Phil not writing to me very much, I have time to think about other things, like your questions!  So it’s time for another post from the Sassy Answers pile!

Q.  Which celebrity do you look most like?  

A.  No one.  

Sassy is unique!  Really! I’ve looked all over the internet, asked my Hubby, my sister, my friends… no one can think of anyone I look like.  People that look like me don’t tend to get famous.

Since this post is too short, I will seque over into which celebrity I’d like to look like!

I was whining to a friend that my looks don’t match my sexy brain or voice.  I can’t change my looks much right now, as I can’t dye my post-chemo hair until it grows out a bit, I’ve never done any of the girlie stuff like make-up, and I am slowly getting skinnier but no one will be able to tell for months.  My friends asked, “You know, you’re never going to meet any of these people you know online, so why don’t you send them someone else’s photo?”  I have thought a lot about that.  Even if it might enhance their fantasies, there are three problems with it.

– First, I may indeed meet people I know online.
– Second, I am an honest person.  (Don’t laugh!)
– And finally, I am what I am.  Like it or no fabulous kisses or blow job, fella!

And it is considered a huge no-no online.  Be yourself they say!

But in thinking it over, I got as far as choosing someone I’d like to be: Andie MacDowell.  I looked like her is some ways as a young woman – tall, long dark hair, nice tits.  You may remember her from “Groundhog Day,” but I adored her sweet self in “Four Weddings and Funeral,” or “Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes” and her metamorphosis in “Sex, Lies and Videotape.”  I also admire the way she has aged so gracefully and the way her life is set up – with a “normal life” hidden away and only a few sojourns a year to an awards show, a make-up shoot or a movie set.

So for your viewing pleasure, here are some stills and a video of the gorgeous Andie.

Who do you resemble?  or wish you did?


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One thought on “Sassy Answers: Fake Me”

  1. Thank you thank you – she is so gorgeous and I love her voice. I have a weak spot for Carolina girls and she is from Gaffney, SC home of the Peachoid water tower (google it)! I’ve driven past that thing many a time.

    My favorite person people have said I resemble is Harry Connick. I love it because I like keeping that Southern (and New Orleans) mojo!

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