Beach Day

Friday, April 22
8:15 am Good morning!  Another 45 sunny morning.  It’s Good Friday.  I hope’s it’s a great one for you.
8:19 am Phil: Good morning.  Another grey day here.  It is good Friday though.  Enjoy the day. 
8:23 am Took day off!  First vaca day since my DC trip in October.  Hope to run errands and get a lot done at home.  Might go to the beach.  Sending you sunny thoughts!
8:26 am Phil: Thank you!  Enjoy the day!
11:16 am On my way to the beach!
11:49 am Phil: Fabulous!

12:18 pm Eastern Point Lighthouse, Gloucester – next stop the beach [photo]

12:40 pm Good Harbor Beach, Gloucester – my favorite [photo]

1:10 pm You know what I’m having for lunch, yes?  [photo of Lobsta Land sign]

1:25 pm Dig the stained glass!

1:54 pm Paella w/ lobster!  [photo]

2:11 pm Phil: Excellent!  What a great way to enjoy the day!
2:14 pm It feels like a day trip you could go on
2:15 pm Paella was SPICY!
3:41 pm Phil: Damn I miss the ocean, the beach.
4:35 pm What do you miss? 
5:00 pm Phil: No fish tacos, no surf, no beach town, no salt air, no beach cruisers, no beach weather, no tiny bikinis
5:02 pm Ha ha!  What’s a beach cruiser?
5:05 pm Phil: Bike with fat tires, big seat, comfy handle bars, and a cup holder that keeps your beer cold
6:36 pm You’re going back soon, yes?
12:21 am Phil: May.  Miss it so much.
12:22 am Sure.  It’s a great place.
12:22 am you’re up late
12:23 am Phil: On the way to bed.
12:23 am Sleep well.
12:23 am Phil: Loved the pictures
12:23 am so good to get away…
12:23 am Phil: You too
12:24 am I hope to show you someday…
12:24 am Phil: I hear that
12:28 am Been writing… i.e. thinking very sexy thoughts about you and me.  Tough to downshift.
12:32 am Sweet dreams, kid.

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