My Left Foot

April 14 6:54 am Phil
Ha ha! Good morning!
Started at 0430 today. Hoo Ya!
April 14 7:49 am 
Thursday theme

Good morning early riser! 45 w/ sweet sun, 60s later. Yes! 
Off to chemo #6 w/ a pal. She’s so fun.
Notice nice things today!

April 14 5:45 pm 
Home from chemo – had an easy time. 
Hope you had a good day!

6:00 pm More toes! 🙂
My pal took this while I got a free foot massage at chemo.
Ah, the perks!
[photo of my foot/ankle/lower leg with massuer’s hands on my ankle]

6:16 pm Phil: Glad you are enjoying some perks.  Off to the gym
7:11 pm Playing with the team wasn’t enough?
7:12 pm Phil: Nah, didn’t win, need more, now working up a sweat
7:13 pm Not too shabby for high ranking players!
7:14 pm Phil: Hah! 🙂
7:14 pm If it was up to me, your sexy legs came in first. 🙂

7:16 pm Phil: Ha ha, you saw the pictures on FB!
7:18 pm you are the hottest. 😉
7:20 pm Phil: LOL
7:21 pm Sorry to be so fresh.  Blame it on chemo or seafood take out!
7:21 pm or those photos…
7:23 pm Phil 🙂
7:27 pm Phil:  I don’t like to be in the photos.
Can’t seem to stay our of them though
7:28 pm I think they are very important for your work.
7:29 pm And my fantasies.
7:30 pm Phil: Apparently.
7:30 pm Phil: 🙂

 7:33 pm Finishing up [photo of him in the gym]
7:35 pm Hubba hubba
7:36 pm Phil: Situps.  Hate em
[photo of him on a bench in the gym doing situps with his legs spread toward the camera]
7:41 pm I like them a lot from this angle…
7:43 pm Phil: Ha ha
7:44 pm Makes my hands itch to
7:44 pm you know

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