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On April 12, Phil switched back to texting.  I still used Facebook for a bit, but he was much more chatty in texts.  So we texted, the method I find the trickiest, for months.  Texting only.  I lived on those tiny missives and photos posted to his FB accounts. 

Note: times show up in my time zone, but his are actually an hour earlier (Central time)
April 12 8:02 am 
Tuesday twists

Good morning! Sweet 60 start to my day. 
Off to the office. Hope you have a terrific time.

8:07 am Phil: Cuppa coffee to start the day.
[photo of his bare feet up on his desk at work]
8:36 am [photo of my bare feet on the bathroom floor]

8:40 am Phil: Put some polish on those things!  LOL
8:41 am You first…
8:42 am What color?
8:46 am Phil: I like red.
8:46 am Phil: Unless you have the colors of my favorite sports teams?
8:47 am I knew you were going to work sports in there somewhere….
8:49 am Phil: But of course!

April 12 10:39 pm
Hey, kid! You made me smile today. I woke up feeling out of cope, 
and you turned that all around with your toes.
Had a great day! Hope you did the same…
April 12 11:31 pm Phil
I did have a great day.
Glad I made a difference. 
Sleep well Sass.

April 12 11:52 pm
It is so hard to go to sleep… don’t want this day to end. 
But I suppose I must. Sleep well, sweet man.

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