Gloomy day chat

Sunday, March 20 chat

1:28pm Phil Hey girl, how you doing?
1:29pm Good.  You?
Busy day?
1:34pm Phil  Ok, sipping crown, watching the rain
1:35pm Thinking about… ?
1:37pm Phil Life and all its quirks
1:37pm Ah…
1:39pm Phil I think on some days that I have no clue. 
Work is the one thing I have always been sure of. 
I know how to do that. The rest gets complicated.
1:40pm Indeed.
1:41pm Phil  I am making jambalaya, 
cooking is very calming and makes the house smell great
1:43pm Nice that you have can create something yummy while calming..
1:45pm Phil Plus I get to eat it
1:45pm heh
1:45pm Phil Ready for the week to start. Occupies my time and my mind
1:45pm Sure.
Emo week.
1:46pm  Phil Have not figured how to read your story yet
1:46pm You can’t see it?
Log in to gmail, click on documents
(tab at the top)
it should be here?
1:50pm Phil Ok
1:50pm See it?
More of a late night thing to read maybe…
it’s… hmmm.. sexy. 
2:00pm Phil I agree
2:01pm Did you find a bunch of docs there?
I think I’ve shared 8…
Did the dogs miss you?
2:13pm Are you wearing a football shirt?
The Yankees are winning their Spring training game…
a rare thing this Spring! 
Did something boil over or what?
2:39pm Tell me something…
2:39pm Phil  Had to put stuff in the pot
I have a gmail account but have to log into google. 
I.ll figure it out
2:42pm just go to
but nevermind.
what happens when you click on the URL?
Wanna tell me what’s on your mind?  
See if I can help?  Or talk about lobster?
or are you over it by now?
2:48pm  Phil Found it as soon as I quit being foolish
I’m ok, cooking now watching the race
Keyboard kicking my ass
2:50pm Phil Miss old friends, kids, the beach
2:50pm What race?  NASCAR again?
2:52pm Phil Nascar
2:54pm Any idea what would cheer you up? 
Go to the gym?
2:55pm Phil I get like this. 
May go to the gym or to the office. It helps. 
One of those gloomy days
2:55pm Sure.
We’re in for it tomorrow.  
Combo of work, rain and chemo will probably kick my ass
2:57pm Phil Could be. I’ll be good with work. It’s so busy, I love the pace
2:57pm DId they cover a lot while you were gone or will you be swamped?
2:58pm Phil Rain is ok. 
May read a little. Always cheers me up too
Going to go do something
2:58pm Ok.hugs
Ping me later? 
Would love to shove my tongue down your throat tonight…
2:59pm Phil I spent 5 hours catching up yesterday. 
Spoke to them daily while away
Sounds like a plan
2:59pm Heh
I’m off to get some lunch… enjoy!
Gotta get in the shower… leave you with that thought.  🙂  <3

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