Anti-Funk Cream

[Tuesday March 22 – Philip’s Facebook account disappeared, so I switched back to text and wondered if it was yet another step in shutting me out.]
Tuesday, March 22
11:25 pm Hope you had a good day.  I stayed home.  Chemo sucks.  But improving now.  Hubby away overnight for sleep study.  Sleep well, kid,
Wednesday, March 23
7:16 am Good morning!  Cold and gray, 32, more snow later.  I feel good, headed to the office.  Have a great day!  Spread joy!
8:11 am Phil: Another decent day.  Gonna be packed.  Tons of meetings and events going on.  Got a clean bill of health yesterday, heart, lungs vacular, liver,  kidneys, blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure all good and better than expected for a man of my years.  Doc said, what ever you are doing is working extraordinarily well, keep it up!  Nice to hear! 
8:36 am Yay for good health!  I certainly do appreciate your keen mind and fit body.   🙂  Rock on!
8:44 am Phil: No one said anything about mental health!   🙂
11:23 am You’re more right-headed than anyone I know!  It’s sunny, despite forecast. I have such an urge to go for a walk w/you, laughing, kissing.  Life is grand!
3:23 pm  Lunch out w/handsome project peep, helping him find a new job.  Got free gumbo and crawfish etouffee!  Yum.  Still no snow!
3:40 pm Phil: I love etouffee!  Yum!
5:38 pm Done w/ almost huge pile of invites to a big reception at work!  Have a great evening!
6:28 pm Phil:  Ha ha ha.  Have a great evening!  [Photo of a chest with a blue t-shirt saying “Hey, RED SOX! At this rate it’ll take you 394 more years to catch our current total!  1903 NY 2009]
9:04 pm Heh… Makes me wonder what they’re afraid of…
10:41 pm Quiet night… saw NCIS online… Gibbs is so smooth!  Off to bed.  Head full of you, wish body was.  J  Sleep well, sweet man.  Dream of tall, dark wench.
10:54 pm Will I ever be where I can say to a man “I feel like being touched tonight” and it happens?  Life is so strange… don’t mind me.  Hot and no cure.  Heh. 
Thursday, March 24
7:56 am Phil:  Ahhhh, working myself into a funk.  So damn busy.  I  need a weekend.  Hope you have a good day!
8:12 am Good morning!  Sending you Sassy’s patented anti-funk cream – take w/ espresso and donut and 3 deep breaths – it’ll be better!
8:19 am Phil: Did espresso and 3 breaths,  no donut.  Thanks!   🙂
5:43 pm Home alone w/ the cats again!  H out working on his project.  Thinking of pizza maybe.  Hope you had a good day.
9:58 pm Chemo sucks.  Low red cells – Light-headed ick.  So ready for this to be over.  Bed now.  Sleep well, kid.  Dream of Boston Cream.   🙂
11:53 pm Phil: The end of the day.  Taking care of business [photo of his cock in hand in the shower]
11:53 pm Phil: ummmmmmmMmmmm [photo of cock and cum in the shower]

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