The Love Chat

Chat 3/5/11
The evening of my Dad’s memorial service
11: 42 pm Hi.  
I’m doing fine 
Very mellow…
11:42pm Phil Good
11:42pm Went really well today. 
Just the way I wanted.
11:42pm Phil I am glad
Thought it would
11:43pm  Lots of home town people
11:43pm Phil  That’s very Cool
He was there a Long time
11:43pm Two of sis’s best friends – [names], and their mother. 
[more names]
11:43pm Phil Impacted a lot of people
11:43pm  [more names] drove down from Maine
11:44pm Phil I’m glad
11:44pm [more names]
11:45pm Phil Lot of family names I remember
11:45pm  almost 200 people!  And we managed to keep it upbeat
11:45pm Phil  Awesome!  That’s the way to do it
11:45pm sang “I’ve got that joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart” and got us all in it
11:45pm Phil  He was upbeat
11:46pm  My mom spoke, and so did sis, and the [two names]
11:46pm Phil Good choice
11:47pm  I will send the program and slideshow when I get the electronic versions… if you want to look
11:47pm  Phil I’d love to see them
11:47pm Thank you for letting me go on about it…
Emo day, you know
11:48pm Phil I enjoyed hearing about it
I know
11:49pm People came from my work, and the project, and my church, managed to sit with each group at a table for awhile…
11:49pm Phil That’s a nice thing. Nice that people care
11:50pm Soloist sang ‘The Old Rugged Cross made the difference” that anthem Dad would sing a lot
11:51pm Phil  Love that hymn. Powerful
11:51pm That was the only time I lost it a bit
11:52pm Phil Good to cry
11:52pm Yup.
11:52pm Phil  Not good to hold it all in
11:52pm  Very true.
I love you.
11:54pm Phil Why thank you. Love you too Sass.

I am going to carry myself to the shower and into bed. I’m beat.
Where did you go?
11:56pm Sure.  Thanks for listening.
Just worrying… wondering if I should’ve let that out…
11:58pm Phil  I’ll always listen
11:58pm I want it to be a gift… not a burden…you know.
11:58pm Phil I am one person you need not worry about
I see it that way
11:59pm Phew
I think you knew mostly anyway, right?
11:59pm  Phil I knew, always did
11:59pm from the way I react when you touch me, and the way I touch you.
I tried not to…
12:00am Phil You have no control over that
12:01am You are just so… lovable! 

12:01am Phil  Now naked, need a shower, thinking about you touching me
12:02am  Oh, man… what an image
12:02am Phil Makes certain parts stand up
12:02am  I want to touch you… suck you…
12:03am Phil I love that
12:03am  hear you moan…press a finger inside you..
12:04am Phil  Like your mouth on my cock and balls, wet finger slipping up my ass
12:04am pump you deep into my throat…
12:04am Phil Oh yeah, take my cock deep
12:04am begin to taste the sweetness…
12:04am Phil Suck it
12:05am yes, yes..
12:05am Phil Pre cum flowing
12:05am so hot
so hard
12:05am Phil Ummmm
Feels so good
12:05am remember..
my hands on you… my mouth on you…
trying to show you
how I feel…
trying to make you soar…
12:07am Phil Turn around bend over, let me fuck that tight pussy.
Spreading your ass, lubricating that ass, slipping a finger inside

12:07 am TEXT [photo of his cock] Phil: you did this
12:08am mmmm… oh, man…
12:09am Phil  Pumping that ass in time with the cock in your pussy
12:09am I am so wet…
12:09am Damn that pussy feels good
12:10am I hear the sounds… ringing in my ears…
12:10am Phil  I like it wet. Hear our bodies slap together
12:10am  yes…. pounding..
12:10am Phil Sound of my cock thrusting in and out of you
12:11am clawing the comforter…
12:11am Phil Ass is taking two fingers, all lubricated
Spanking that ass
Pounding my cock deep and hard in that hot pussy
12:12am Clenching..
12:12am Phil Umm, want to fuck that ass
12:13am take me in the shower with you… do it..
12:13am  Phil Ummm, be soaping you up
Washing your ass, pussy, tits
On my knees to inspect
12:14am holy shit..
12:14am Phil Tongue touching your ass
Slipping inside
12:14am mmmm….
12:14am Phil  Fingers in your pussy
12:15am omg…
multiple access points!
12:15am Phil
Tongue in your ass, fingers in your pussy, you can barely stand
Fucking your ass with my tongue
Cock is so hard
Where to put it
12:16am  I am so yours..
12:17am Phil
Pussy or ass?
Both great
Love to fill that ass with cum
12:17am nice to have a choice, eh?
12:17am Phil Oh yeah
12:18am Please.. please.. do it
12:19am Phil
Liked it when your head was leaning back off the bed while I fucked your mouth. That was hot. So wanted to cum down your throat
12:19am You let out the sweetest moan…
12:19am Phil Felt so good
You were really taking it
12:20am made me feel so…powerful.  To be able to do that for you…
I was pulsing… dripping…
12:21am  Phil That was a good position. I could finger you while you sucked me
My balls were on your nose
You were swallowing my cock so good
12:22am I love it when I ask you what you want and you show me. Oh, man…
12:23am Phil
I love that, loved when you licked and sucked my balls. Your tongue got near my ass, thought I was going to lose it
12:24am  you are so gorgeous there.
12:24am Phil  When you came, your entire body was moving, very cool
12:25am You filled me.. so perfect…fit..
damn it… it’s happening now… looking at that photo… listening to you.. knowing it made you happy…
you drive me WILD!
12:28 am TEXT Phil: [photo of his balls]
12:28am Phil
Ummm, cool, cum baby, cum for me
Shove your finger up my ass and suck those balls in the pic
12:29am Sucking.. stroking…
12:29am Phil Umm damn
12:30am pumping you…
squeezing… pulling just a bit…
12:30am Phil  Umm yea, fuck my ass with that finger
12:31am in… out… up
12:31am Phil  Pre cum flowing down my cock
12:31am oh, god… I want to taste it so bad…
put it my mouth…
let me…
let go…
I want it all…
Wow… that is so hot!
12:33am Phil  Cool
Glad you enjoyed

12:34 am TEXT [photo of his dick with pre-cum bubble]
Phil: lick it up

12:35 am TEXT Phil: [photo of his ass]
12:35am ASSSS!
12:35am Phil Uh huh
12:36am  Gonna put my tongue all the way down that line and inside you…
12:36am Phil You never return the favor – send a photo!
Oh hell yeah
Lick that ass
Love it
12:37am Feel it, twisting up inside
I mean to… I want to send something.  
You make me want to go places on your body and do it ALL!
Until you can’t hold back any more…
until you EXPLODE!

12:40 am TEXT [ another ass photo, spread] Phil: Right there
12:41am Phil Uh yeah, want to cum in your mouth
12:41am Damn, your ass is so beautiful…
12:41am Phil In your ass, on your face, on your tits, in your pussy
12:41am Do it.. feel me swallow all around you… once, twice… more…
spray me, kid… fill me…
12:42am Phil Oh damn, cumming, damn
Uhh yea
12:43am Sucking all that juice..
12:43am Phil
Stick that phone down there and snap a pic of that wet pussy
Would love to see that
Mmmmmm, lick it up
Guess not, that’s ok. Came buckets
Now I need a shower
Hope you got off too
Hope you had fingers buried in your pussy
That’s what I imagine anyway
12:49am  Tricky… husband sitting right next to me…
12:50am Phil
Gonna go soap up my cock and balls
Tell him to take the pic
12:50am Tried…
I am completely smooth…
12:51am Phil He should have been on his knees eating your pussy and ass
12:51am rather shocking to see
12:51am Phil  Oh fuck, I’d love to see that
12:51am I am almost to the point where letting him seems wrong to me… 
that it’s not you…
kind of freaky..
let me try again for a photo… hang on…
12:52am Phil Does not sound like he would anyway
12:52am Nope…
It’s all yours…
12:53am Phil Ah well
Take the pic in front of him
Does not sound like he cares
I need to shower and get to bed. Gotta work tomorrow

12:54 am [I sent a photo of my slit, with cum spurting out]

12:55am  What looks like a string is… cum.
odd angle but something…
12:56am Phil
Damn girl! Look at those pussy lips 
looks good and wet
Hold the camera down
I knew what it was
Fuck that’s hot
Needs a cock stuffed in it
You are such a naughty girl. I love it!
Cool image to go to sleep to. Off to the shower
So glad we got off together!
1:00 am TEXT Phil: [he sent a photo of his butt]
1:01 am TEXT Phil: [and another]
1:05 am TEXT [I sent a shot of my smooth hairless slit]
1:07 am TEXT Phil: Oh yeah!  Great pussy shot!
1:09 am TEXT Not a glamour shot.  But real….
1:09 am TEXT Phil: [he sent a photo looking down his front as he stepped into the shower]
1:10 am TEXT Phil: [sent another shot of his back side, stepping into the shower]
1:10 am TEXT oh. My… want to grab that so BAD!!
1:13 am TEXT Phil: lol
1:17 am TEXT Your shoulders… Mmmm…
1:31 am TEXT Good night… very, very good. Thanks, kid.

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