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Chemo drugs make my imagination fly.  
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His Desk 
He is sitting at his desk.  It is solid, big… just right for all the paperwork that piles up.  It’s been a long day.  He hears the office staff packing up in the outer office, saying their good-byes.  All is quiet.  Good.  He can concentrate, get more admin done. 
Suddenly he hears something.  Someone walking through the outer office.  Maybe it’s his assisant.  He thought he left, but sometimes he pops back in if the light is still on.  He sees a figure in the door but can’t believe his eyes.  He must be dreaming.  Maybe he’s fallen asleep at his desk?  
It’s her.  His high school sweetheart.  She has on a long, dark coat.  And high heels.  She sashays into his office and sits on the edge of his desk.  How the heck did she get in here?  This area is supposed to be secured.  Then he remembers – it’s her… she has a way of talking people into anything, finding things out and getting in places… usually to make his life more interesting.  
“Well, hello,” he says, chuckling.  She’s been in his sights 10 seconds and he is rock hard.  
“Hiya, handsome,” she answers.  Oh, he had forgotten how soft and sexy her voice is.  It’s been too long. 
“Cold night out?” he asks.  He knows it is, but he can’t think what else to say with her sitting so close to him.  
“Yup.  About to get warmer, I hope,” she coos.  She smiles at him and his heart melt a bit.
“Going to light a fire?” he asks.  She smiles her most evil smile.  
She gets up and goes back to his office door.  She shuts it and locks it.  He swallows hard.  She strolls around to his side of the desk – tall, gorgeous, and sexy beyond belief.  He wonders what she has on, or doesn’t have on, under that coat.  She stops within arm’s reach of him.  
“You want to help me take off this coat?” she asks.  
“Yes, ma’am,” he replies.  He reaches up to undo the top button.  She grabs his hand, kissing his palm with some tongue, then places it along her cheek.  He caresses her face, tracing her lips with his finger.  She flicks it with her tongue.  Vixen.  
He undoes another button.  All he can see is her smooth skin.  The next button unveils her cleavage.  Damn, she has the most amazing tits.  He sees her bra now… black lace with a rose in center.  Oh, man… he puts his face in her cleavage, licks the edges of the bra, kisses the rose.  She moans… 
He tackles another button… he can see her navel now.  He kisses it.  He hurries to undo another button and is rewarded with the sight of black lace panties, mostly see-through.   There is a little rose in the middle of the waistband… he kisses it.  She shivers and takes a deep breath.  His breathing is getting a little faster.  
He opens the last button and spreads the sides of the coat apart.  He looks her up and down.  Sexy underwear and thigh-high black sheer stockings, with black patent leather pumps.  Damn.  This isn’t fair.  She is a sexy wench in old blue jeans and t-shirt.  But she has upped the ante by a substantial amount.  She told him she’d lost weight, but he wasn’t prepared for how that would make her body even more enticing.  Damn.  He wants to do about 35 things with her, and can’t decide where to start.
“Where should I start?” he asks.  She smiles.  
“Take off my shoes,” she says, “they’re killing me!”  He chuckles and does as she asks, stroking her ankle and calf.  She sighs in relief and wiggles her toes.  She places her foot gently between his legs and presses, curling her toes around the side and wiggling them again.  
She kneels between his legs, licks her lips very slowly and seductively, and reaches for his belt.  He gasps.  The sound of the buckle and then rasp of the zipper excite him beyond belief.  She urges him to raise his hips and he complies.  She lowers his uniform pants and underwear below his knees and settles him back into his chair.  She trails her fingers down his legs, then across his hips to his center.  She circles him with her hand and pumps him gently.  He moans and his head falls back.  He would summon the energy in a moment to watch but right now he can only feel.  She squeezes him and pulls a bit… then licks the head, running her tongue around the edge of it and into the slit.  Damn.  She stops and he opens his eyes.  
She sucks him into her mouth.  He moans…there are very few sights in life better than this view – a beautiful woman with his cock in her mouth.  She sucks and pumps him, setting up a rhythm and moving him lower into her throat.  He watches her until his eyes roll back in his head and he’s lost in the pleasure.  She stops again.  He was able to look at her face.  
“I want you to cum,” she says, “in my mouth.”  He had told her to make that clear, so he would know whether she really wanted it.  He couldn’t believe her directness… he was used to women having so many hang-ups, it was hard for him to believe she would do this, and as the first part of their being together.  But then she was constantly surprising him.  He realized he was probably supposed to speak now.  
“Yes, ma’am,” he said.  
“If I’m not doing enough to help you do that, tell me what to do,” she said.
“Oh, you’re doing just fine,” he assured her.  She put him back in his mouth and picked up the pace.  She was going to drive him over the edge, and perhaps completely out of his mind.  And he welcomed it all.  He watched her as long as he could, cementing the sight in his mind to take out later when she was gone.  It could keep him warm at night.  
She sucked him, deeper and deeper, then pulled back to lick him, pumping him and squeezing at just the right spot… damn… he had to close his eyes and put his head back again.  Over and over she took him the edge then stopped…agony…esctasy… he went higher and higher and then just when he thought it couldn’t get any better, she used her other hand to massage his balls, and then reached even further under him to press a wet finger into his ass!  He soared so high… suddenly he couldn’t hold back anymore.  He let go…  and felt the tightness and the pressure and saw stars… and pulsed inside her throat…spurting over and over like a geyser!  
Damn if the woman didn’t swallow it all, making these incredible slurping and gulping sounds that reverberated in his brain like rockets.  It sounded like she thought it tasted like nectar from the gods!  Incredible.  The feel of her swallowing… he was sure he would never forget it.  He was breathing so fast, he thought he was going to pass out.  He sat there panting…finally opening his eyes.  
She was grinning from ear to ear…looking triumphant and oh, so sexy.  She licked her lips.  He was staring straight down her cleavage.  He wanted to kiss her, taste his juices in her mouth.  He pulled her face up to his mouth and kissed her deeply… oh, man… so sweet to taste her and himself in her.  
Now it was his turn to make her burn… he pulled her up and pressed her against his desk. 
(PHILIP – MAYBE YOU CAN WRITE SOMETHING?  Here’s a photo to inspire you)

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  1. Wow…. Very erotic writing, passionate and seductive. I’m sure with this post and that photo as inspiration, he sent you back something equally smoking. 🙂

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