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Wednesday whales
Between Phil and You
December 22 at 6:15am
Good morning! I hope your day is starting well. Another gray, windy day here, but above freezing! 34 degrees. They say more snow. Yippee. Have a great day!
December 22 at 11:18am
Hey, there. How’s your day going?
You may not believe me, (I hardly believe it myself) but I woke up feeling fine! Haven’t taken any pain meds… not sore. Just a little tired. I may have had the most amazing surgeon in the world. Older sister called; she’s bringing me seafood supper! So good news all around!!
Phil December 22 at 12:07pm
That’s fabulous! Got a house full of movers. Busy days. 
Moving so many years worth of stuff is a pain
December 22 at 3:13pm
Oh, Right! You went back to the beach when I wasn’t looking. 🙂 Hope the movers do right by you.
Phil December 22 at 3:39pm
They are doing ok. I’m drinking gin and tonics to keep me mellow
December 22 at 3:45pm
Yikes. You’re on to mixed drinks? Eep. 🙂 It’s snowing here again… be glad you don’t have to mess with that!
December 22 at 9:07pm
Hope your evening is going okay. Did they finish?
I survived dinner with older sister. She was in a good mood (unusual) and left about the time I wanted to strangle her. 🙂 Ah, siblings. Brought me a stuffed clam and the fisherman’s platter – fried shrimp, whole clams, scallops and schrod! Yum.  Got so many phone calls!  Everyone is checking on me – Cousins,  friends, and a college pal! I am Ms. Popular today. Heh.
Phil December 22 at 10:05pm
They are finishing now. Long day. 
My dad had a heart attack today. He is stable. Should be ok.

December 22 at 10:17pm
Wow. Must be emotional to see the empty house…
So sorry to hear about your father! Scary. I will pray for him, and all of you. Hugs.
Phil December 22 at 10:28pm
Killing me to leave here. Been home for so many years
December 22 at 11:11pm
oh, sweetheart… I hear you.
Phil December 22 at 11:32pm
Makes it all seem very real. I love this house. Such is life I guess.

December 22 at 11:44pm
I wish I knew what to say to make it easier…
Phil December 23 at 12:28am
Fact of military life. You have to move once in awhile. I was very fortunate to stay in one place for this long. No complaints. Just feel sort of empty now. It will be ok once I get to the new job and get into the house. This part sucks.

December 23 at 12:39am
Makes sense. Fitting to feel sad… honoring the place, the memories… the good times. Part of being alive. Ah, the stories those walls could tell, eh?
December 23 at 12:50am
I’d better get back to bed. Rest now? Tomorrow will be easier? Call me if you want to. You know I’d do anything to help. Where is my magic wand? * sigh* Sleep well, sweet man.

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