Breast writing

Thursday thicket
Between Phil and You

December 23 at 8:02am
Good morning! I hope you’re off to a super start! Be glad you don’t have our weather. Another gray, snowy morning. Windy and exactly 32 degrees. Snow ends today, nice the rest of the week. Lot is quiet – just cars and a lone moving truck. and snow! Have a great day!

8:10 am Me: Sassy!  Bored!  You?

8:37 am  Phil: Got a kazillion things to do. Big cleanup, close pool, take remaining items to storage, pick up Christmas dinner stuff.  I suggested your idea to hire cleaners but was over ruled.  Would have made life much easier.  25,000 lbs of shit yesterday.  At least 10,000 is pure junk I was so disgusted as I watched crap get packed
Me: Surgeon wrote on my chest so she’d do the right one
[sent photo of the β€œYES” written on my right chest]

December 23 at 9:09am
Did you put up Christmas decorations on the new house? I was weirded out because I thought, “he needs to get a wreath or something, make it looked lived in” but I didn’t say anything because I know how busy you are, and then it showed up! Great minds think a like, I guess. πŸ™‚ Good job!
Phil December 23 at 10:25am
I did hang wreaths. Wanted it to look festive and homey. I’m a sap, what can I say.
December 23 at 10:40am
Heh. I love it when you’re sappy. Speaking of sappy, cat is sleeping on my keyboard. He opened my iTunes and played your a cappella tunes. So I have “Lovers Never Say Good bye” on the brain now! Man, your voice was gorgeous…
December 23 at 10:58am
Hope you’re making good progress. 

December 23 at 1:02pm
How’s it going? It’s cleared up and everything is melting! Up to 36 degrees. Just had a visit from a nice lady – She brought homemade mac & cheese! And raspberry truffle brownies, and peanut fudge and rice crispy squares! Yowza! I wish I could hand you a plate!
Phil December 23 at 1:03pm
Freezing my ass of waiting for my Honey Baked Ham. Brrrrr
December 23 at 1:18pm
Wow. I wish you could pass me some of that! I’d offer to warm you up, but it might get embarrassing waiting in line… πŸ˜‰
December 23 at 1:29pm
I just turned on my oven for the first time in um… forever! Trying to warm up the mac & cheese.  I think something died in there. oops!
Phil December 23 at 1:34pm
Geez, I love to cook
December 23 at 1:36pm
Did you hear any updates on your dad? Is he home or in the hospital?
December 23 at 1:40pm
I don’t cook. But I make really good reservations! πŸ™‚
December 23 at 1:49pm
Decided to bake a bunch of stuff, as long as the oven is on… got out some raspberry brie filo puffs from Trader Joe’s that someone left here, and a frozen pizza. And a green bean casserole! Whee!
Phil December 23 at 1:59pm
December 23 at 3:47pm
How’re you doing? Did you freeze to death or get the ham? More company here! Geesh! Another gal showed up with flowers. Wow. This being sick thing has it perks. I got her to eat mac & cheese. We have enough for about 5 years.
Phil December 23 at 3:49pm
Lol. Got the Ham. No frostbite

December 23 at 6:16pm
Ah, very good. Ham is better than frostbite! I am so bored. Must mean I’m mostly better, yes? What’re you doing tonight? I hope you can rest up and eat something good!
Phil December 23 at 6:44pm
Gonna have Chinese seafood at one of my favorite local places
December 23 at 6:56pm
Wow! Their menu looks incredible! And great photos on Yelp. Enjoy! Envy! May have to get Hubby to order Chinese… So glad you are getting a treat after this wild day.
December 24 at 12:43am
Did get Chinese delivered. And watched The Mentalist!
Hoping you are asleep, full of seafood and dreaming nice dreams, sweet man.

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